Garbage Pickup

Residential Sanitation Guidelines

Document: Residential Sanitation Guidelines

C&C Sanitation, Inc. picks-up residential household garbage under contract for the City of Hogansville. Anytime the following holidays fall on or before your pickup day, your pickup day will be on the next day:

Christmas (25th)
Independence Day (4th)
Labor Day
Memorial Day
New Year's Day (1st)

Household Garbage

C&C Sanitation must comply with all city, county, state, and landfill rules and regulations. The following cannot be picked up by C&C Sanitation as part of your curbside service:

Air Conditioners
Auto Batteries
Construction Debris
Hazardous Materials
Roofing Materials
Sewage Waste
Steel Drums
Waste Oil
Wet Paint
Yard Debris

C&C Sanitation will only pickup what is in the container, not to exceed 50 pounds. A second container can be delivered upon request for an additional fee. Please put containers out the night before your scheduled pickup day but no later than 7:00 am to ensure pickup. Otherwise, it will be picked up on the next scheduled pickup day.

On days designated as collection days for the respective routes, trash receptacles shall be placed for collection on the curb or beside the roadway in front of the residence owning such garbage or rubbish, but not in the gutter or in the street or alley in such manner as to interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

There shall be no open burning of solid waste in the City except in accordance with regulations of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (1-877-OK2-BURN) and a written permit from the City.

Bulk Pickup Service

The City of Hogansville provides bulk refuse pickup on the same day as your scheduled C&C Sanitation residential household garbage pickup. The following items are permitted to be placed curbside the night before your scheduled pickup day but no later than 7:00 am to ensure pickup.

  • Logs or tree limbs must be no longer than five (5) feet, and not more than five (5) inches in diameter, and stacked neatly at the curb. Trees, bushes, or other vegetation from commercial tree trimmers, landscapers, or building contractors will not be picked up by the City or its contractors.
  • Debris will not be picked up from vacant lots unless a sanitation fee is paid to the City.
  • Leaves must be kept separated from other yard debris for pick up at curbside by leaf vacuum equipment. This material will be collected as rapidly as possible during leaf season. Please see here.
  • Industrial waste, large animals over 50 pounds, or waste from construction, demolition, landscaping or processing operations will not be collected, transported or disposed of by public equipment or facilities. This includes building materials, stumps, dirt, rocks, concrete products, automobile bodies and parts, tires, wet paint, oil and other liquids, feces, and any household belongings, supplies, furniture, clothing and appliances, except stoves and refrigerators.

City of Hogansville Residential Sanitation Pickup Schedule

Garbage collection for the following streets will be on Mondays:

Askew Ave
Baugh Ave
Blue Creek Ct
Blue Creek Rd
Church St
Dickinson St
Fredrick Ave
Granite St
Green Ave
Greenough St
International St
Johnson St
Lawrence St
Lincoln St
Marshall Ave
Royal Ave
Scott St
Whaley Ave
White Ave

Garbage collection for the following streets will be on Tuesdays:

Bass Cross Rd
Brenda Ln
Brookridge Dr
Duck Walk Way
Collier St
Cooper St
East Boyd Rd
East Main St
Gates Rd
Hawthorne Dr
High St
Hutchins-Moody Rd
Industrial Dr
Jerry Dr
Jim Dr
Maple Dr
Margaret Way
Mountville Rd
Oak St
Russell Rd
Taliaferro Dr
Williams Rd
Winslett Dr

Garbage collection for the following streets will be on Wednesdays:

Barrow Dr
Brazell St
Brooks Rd
Burden Dr
Carden St
College St
Commerce St
Foot Log Ln
Fox Chase Way
Hwy 100/Corinth Rd
Hwy 29 N & S
Keith St
North Boyd Rd
Pine Dr
Power Plant Rd
Ware St
West Boyd Rd
West Main St
Wilkes St

Garbage collection for the following streets will be on Thursdays:

Baptist Dr
Bolee St
Boozer St
Dusty's Rd
Elm St
Hightower St
Holmes St
King St
Lee St
Mobley Bridge Rd
Molyneaux St
Pine St
Poplar St
Ransby Dr
Shallow Creek Ln
Springfield Height


Contact Hogansville City Hall weekdays from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, excluding holidays, at (706) 637-8629

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