Bids & Notices

August 29, 2023


RE:       Qualified Bids for per tonnage pricing – patching and paving repairs to a portion of City streets




The City of Hogansville is seeking qualified per tonnage pricing to patch and pave approximately 30 areas throughout the western portion of the City created by failing utility patches or asphalt degradation. Patches will consist of cut out and removal of existing patches, concrete, or asphalt and replace with standard shaping asphalt patches at 3”- 4” thicknesses. Asphalt mix to be 12.5mm SP for patching.  Overlays to be 1.5" with milled tie-ins for smooth transition.  

Contractor is responsible for proper disposal of all waste materials.

Pricing should be inclusive of traffic control and mobilization.

Approved work hours are M-F 8am-5pm Monday through Saturday.

Hogansville is flexible with date ranges for construction of asphalt patches but will require a contract to specify a completion period.

Areas and sizes are approximate and should not be considered without physical inspection. Patch areas include but are not limited to:

=         201 Brooks Rd – 5’x8’ section                          

=         207 Brooks Rd. – 11’x15’ section 

=         215 Brooks Rd. – 8’x22’ section

=         227 Brooks Rd. – 20’x22’ section

=         201/203 Elm St. – 10’x10’ section

=         205 Elm St. – 4’x20’ full width trench patch failure

=         Elm St. at Boozer to King – 100’ possible overlay

=         Elm St. at W. Boyd St. – 20’x12’ radius 

=         102 King St. – Tree roots compromising existing pavement

=         Molyneaux St. at Elm St. – 8’x24’ at intersection

=         107 Boozer St. – 4’x18’ trench

=         221 Poplar St. – 4’x4’ at driveway

=         307 Poplar St. – 4’x4’ section

=         Poplar St. at W. Boyd Rd. – 2’x3’ section

=         303 W. Boyd. – 4’x4’ section

=         302 Concrete low at manhole

=         502 W. Boyd at Hightower

=         Holmes at Boozer at culvert – 70’x30’ & 20’x30’

=         Boozer at S. Holmes- 2’x3’

=         314 Holmes St. – 3’x20’ section

=         Boozer- near North Boyd - 6’x6’

=         100 Holmes at side street - 10’x15’

=         Mobley Bridge- at City limit Sign – 6’x24’

=         3060 Mobley Bridge Rd. – 12’x25’

=         Bolee St. – 10’x10’ just before Lee St.

=         Wilkes St. at Oak St. intersection – 60’x14’

=         Burden Dr.– 4’x4’ 

=         Brazell St. at Carden St. – 4’x6’ section

=         114 Brazell St. – 3’x4’ section near manhole

=         109 Brazell St. – 2 sections; 4’x10’ & 3’x3’

=         East Boyd Rd. at Oak St. intersection

       Sealed bids are due September 28, 2023 at 2pm and must be delivered to: 

            Hogansville City Hall

            111 High Street

            Hogansville, Ga. 30230

Bid packages should be clearly marked with project name PAVEMENT PATCHING, Attention: City Manager.

Please include two copies of bid proposal and a bid bond at 2 times value of proposal.

No addendums should be necessary but if questions arise, please submit to no later than 5pm on September 15, 2023.