Bids & Notices




The City of Hogansville is seeking qualifications and proposals from qualified designers to provide bid ready plans and specifications and construction-phase services for improvements to the City’s Lake Jimmy Jackson Park, 1430 Blue Creek Road, Hogansville GA.

Components of this project will include:

1) Permanent signage (including interpretative, directional and grant acknowledgement)

2) New kayak/canoe dock

3) 0.5-acre playground and playground equipment

4) Border, mulch and access path between playground and parking

5) Four small fishing pavilions

6) Volleyball court

7) 1,200 square feet of 8’ mulch path to volleyball court

8) Landscape plantings at existing restroom building.

Proposers should submit three (3) copies of their qualifications/proposal packages, unbound, by Friday, 4 pm, January 14, 2022, to:

Ms. Lynne S. Miller, AICP

Planning & Development Director

City of Hogansville

111 High Street

Hogansville, GA 30230

ATTN: LJJ Improvements Design

Proposal Content

Please address the following questions in your proposal.

1) Firm’s History and Resources. Briefly describe your firm, number of employees, number of years in business, business location(s), and disciplines available to this project.

2) Key Personnel. List the key personnel to be assigned to this project, their qualifications, and the role(s) each would perform.

3) Relevant Experience. Briefly describe at least three projects with similar scopes. For each, note dates of performance and whether the project is ongoing. Provide a client reference for each, including name, email address, and phone number.

4) Scope, Level of Service Proposed. Outline your proposed approach to this project. What data or involvement would you expect from the City?

5) Proposed Schedule. Provide a project schedule, with key milestones or deliverables.

6) Proposed Fee. List your proposed not-to-exceed fee for this project, including labor, travel, copy costs, etc.


Project designer RFQP 10 Dec 2021.pd 

Questions and Answers:

1. Does the City have a survey or will that need to be provided?  If so, how much of the area will need to be surveyed?  No survey needed.

2.  How big is the park?  City property at this site comprises approximately 40 acres, including some area, such as the City's earthen dam, that will remain off-limits. 

3. Does the City have an anticipated schedule for completion of design and/or construction?  Our schedule is to close out this project on or before November 1, 2023.

4. Will the project require public input?  This project phase has had public input already. The designer's scope does not include additional public input, but a meeting with the public would be welcome prior to finalizing design. You can show that as an add alternate if you like.

5. Do you know how many interpretive signs would be needed for the project?  No.

6. Do you know what type of information would be included on the interpretive signs (i.e. distorical, ecological, project data, etc.)?  The Interpretive signs should provide useful, interesting information about watersheds, dams and reservoirs; natural and cultural history of the Blue Creek Reservoir and dam; and some of the plants and wildlife found here. We will also need a few warning and directional signs.

7. Do you have any pre-determined requirements or criteria for the canoe/kayak dock (i.e. size, materials, etc.)? The canoe/kayak dock should resemble the existing dock at this site.

8. Do you intend to fill an entire half acre with playground equipment, or will the playground be a smaller portion of the half acre site?  The playground and its equipment will cover approximately a half-acre.

9. Has a playground vendor and/or equipment already been selected, or will that be part of the design process?  This will be part of the design process.

10. Will the playground include equipment for both young kids (2-5) and older kids (5-12)?  Preferably both.

11. Do you have a preferred size for the fishing pavilions? The fishing pavilions are expected to be 8 feet by 8 feet.

12. Will the volleyball court be paved and striped with a regulation net, or will this be lawn or sand volleyball? Likely a sand court sited on a grassed area.

13. Will any of the park amenities require lighting and/or electrical receptacles? No.

14. Is there a projected budget for the project? Our projected budget for this project is $175,000.