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Royal Theater Rehabilitation - Construction Management

 The City of Hogansville is seeking qualifications and proposals from qualified construction managers for the Royal Theater rehabilitation contract. The selected construction manager will work with construction plans and specifications prepared by Carter Watkins Associates Architects of Monroe in July 2019, and with the project's current project architect as needed.

The Royal Theater was designed by Tucker & Howell of Atlanta, in the Art-Deco style. It was built in 1937, donated to the City of Hogansville in 1980 and served as City Hall from 1984-2021. This was once the largest movie theater this side of Columbus, with 895 seats, pulling patrons from a wide area.

Since becoming City Hall in the 1980s, the interior was adapted to this use, with interior partitions and other changes, but much of the historic fabric remains. The building became increasingly ill-suited to City Hall use, with structural, ADA, and other rehabilitation issues. City Hall relocated in June 2021, leaving the building vacant.

The theater will be rehabilitated for film, performance and community use. Plans call for 458 seats, with removable seats in the front eight rows, nearest the stage. The building is National Register listed. The estimated construction cost is $2.0 - $2.5 million. Anticipated project schedule is 19 months.

The selected construction manager will:

  • Attend the project architect's pre-construction conference.
  • Perform at least one site visit per week during construction.
  • Review and approve contractor's periodic pay requests and any change order requests.

The construction plans and project manual are attached. The bid forms are being updated now and will show the roof spire and film technology as add alternates.

Proposers should submit three (3) copies of their qualifications/proposal packages, unbound, by Tuesday, October 12, 2021 4:00 EST, to:

Ms. Lynne S. Miller, AICP
Planning & Development Director
City Of Hogansville
111 High Street
Hogansville, GA  30230

ATTN: Royal Theater Construction Management

Proposal Content

Please address the following questions in your proposal

  1. Firm's History and Resources.  Briefly describe your firm, number of employees, number of years in business, business location(s), and disciplines available to this project.
  2. Key Personnel.  List the key personnel to be assigned to this project, their qualifications, and the role(s) each would perform
  3. Relevant Experience.  Briefly describe at least three projects with similar scopes. For each, note dates of performance and whether the project is ongoing. Provide a client reference for each, including name, email address, and phone number. Do you have any experience with National Register properties?
  4. Scope, Level of Service Proposed.  Outline your basic approach to this project.
  5. Proposed Fee.  List your proposed not-to-exceed fee for this project, including labor, travel, copy costs, etc.


2021 Royal Theater Construction Management RFQP

2021 Royal Architect RFQP

Drawing Set 

Historic 1937 Royal Theater Rehabilitation Project Manual