Building Permits & Inspections


Ultimately the property owner is responsible for what happens on their property. Check out the Building Permit Guide to learn what needs a permit and what doesn't in the City of Hogansville. Ensuring that your contractors have all proper permits, licenses and certificates is your responsibility. Building Permits must be displayed so as they are in full view from the street in front of your property. Permits are not to be nailed to trees. Please note that this information is not all inclusive. Please contact (706) 637-8629 or stop by City Hall during normal business hours — Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm — for more information regarding the permitting process. You can also submit questions using our contact form.  A searchable copy of the Hogansville Code of Ordinances library is posted online at

Authorized Permit Agent Form | pdf: Authorized Permit Agent Form

The Authorized Permit Agent form may be used by a State-licensed contractor to designate an individual to obtain permits on their behalf for a given project.

Burn Permit | pdf: Burn Permit

Building Permit Application | pdf: Building Permit Application   |    Building Permit Application Scope of Work

The City of Hogansville requires a building permit be obtained on all new construction and most repairs, both, interior and exterior. A permit is required on all aspects, to include: building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing. The fee schedule based on the cost of labor and materials is listed in the document below. Most permits may be issued the same business day after an application and all documentation is received. Documentation varies based on the type of permit needed. Please call the permitting office at City Hall for related information at 706-637-8629. Please note, effective July 1, 2008 Georgia Law requires all contractors obtaining a permit to possess a valid state contractor's license and be able to produce the license at the time permits are issued.

Home Occupation Permit Application | Home Occupation Permit Application 

Electric, Mechanical and Plumbing Permit Application | pdf: Electric, Mechanical and Plumbing Permit Application 

Demolition Permit | pdf: Demolition Permit

Film Production Ordinance | pdf: Film Production Ordinance

Home Occupation Permit | pdf: Home Occupation Permit

Homeowner Affidavit | pdf: Homeowner Affidavit

The Homeowner Affidavit is for homeowners desiring to perform construction on their own real property

Subcontractor Affidavit | pdf: Subcontractor Affidavit 

Permanent Sign Permit Application | pdf: Permanent Sign Permit Application

Permit Fee Schedule | pdf: Building Permit Fees

Pool/Spa Permit Application | pdf: Pool – Spa Permit Application

Hogansville uses the term Trade Permits to describe separate permits for Electrical, Mechanical (HVAC) and Plumbing work.



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